Introducing the new TURTLE SMART TTL trigger family

The world`s smallest and smartest TTL trigger family has arrived.

We are pleased to announce the latest generation of the TURTLE underwater TTL converter family: the new TURTLE SMART!

Last year we got a lot of feedback from our customers and partners, thank you for all the suggestions! Feel free to contact us anytime when you want to share recommendations, we are open to any new ideas. 

The main concern in underwater photography is user-friendliness. We tried to develop an easy to use TTL trigger, but certainly, there is always room for improvement. The new, state-of-the-art TURTLE SMART is the first programmable TTL trigger which you can upgrade via the USB socket, and there are some other new features. 

First of all, we should mention the housing of the new TURTLE SMART. All versions' size is the same: 36x26x15 mm. All of them will be made from molded ABS that means the housing will be more durable and it will look good as well.

We think it's one of the most important development is the replaceable hot shoe of the i-TURTLE, o-TURTLE and e-TURTLE SMART triggers. Sometimes the small pins of the hot shoe damaged and repairing the TURTLE units weren't easy. Now you can order a spare hot shoe and you can fix it by yourselves!

The latest and maybe the most exciting new feature of the TURTLE SMART is the possibility of the upgrade via the USB connection. We felt it was important to offer a reliable product for you which you can use for years. But it's not possible if you need to buy a new TTL converter whenever you buy a new underwater strobe model. Upgrading means flexibility: if there is a new strobe model on the market, we can test it, and in a few days you can download its characteristic to your TURTLE SMART easily. If we want to modify a specific strobe's control, we make a new software which you can upgrade too. In some cases, upon upgrading the TURTLE SMART you can choose the camera model as well.

Some photo previews of the software:

The software is available for Windows, the Mac version is under development.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the software or the new features.

Oh, and we shouldn't forget one more thing: the new TURTLE SMART is slightly cheaper than the old version! Check out the webshop to find the TTL trigger for your underwater setup.

Got questions? Contact us:

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