Controlling the Sea&Sea YS-D3

It`s your choice: you can use either sync-cord or fiber optic cable. But there are differences.

The popular Sea&Sea YS-D3 underwater strobe has some impressive features. It's not a surprise that many underwater photographers use them. Because they asked it for it, we made it possible to control the strobes via fiber optic cables.

If you are familiar with the specifications and components of the different underwater strobes, you know some controlling methods work better with specific strobe models. While controlling the Sea&Sea YS-D3 strobes is possible in TTL mode via fiber optic cables, due to the limitations of the strobe's sensor, some photographers experienced minor problems.

When we are talking about a complete underwater setup, all of its components does matter. The camera, the trigger, the fiber optic cable, the strobe- if one of them doesn't work properly, sometimes you won't be satisfied with the results. So this is the reason why we try to give advices about specific underwater strobe models.

We tested the YS-D3 with Nikon, Sony and Oympus TURTLE SMART triggers and completed the new software which lets you control the strobe by electric sync-cord. (You can download the Windows version from our website and the Mac version from the AppStore.) The strobe works flawlessly in TTL mode if you connect it by sync-cord. So we recommend to use them if you want to connect your TURTLE SMART to the Sea&Sea YS-D3 underwater strobe.

The TURTLE SMART TTL underwater photo triggers in our webshop

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