Dive plans for 2021

We hope to dive more this year, near or far places.

Strange, but we still don't know, what will this year brings. We think everybody is tired of this pandemic, and we only hope to see the end of the lockdowns soon.

Certainly, we would like to travel to far places, exotic destinations. Who knows, maybe it will be possible in the second half of the year. Until then we can look for our thick wetsuits and drysuits and visit local dive places. Spring is coming, so in a few weeks, we can go to those nearby freshwater lakes to shoot a few portraits of its fish!

Maybe we can even visit the neighboring countries in the summer. We love the well-known sites and wreck, so we should dive there again! And slowly there will be more and more destinations where they will be more than happy to see us. We can't wait for when we can plan and dream again about incredible travels.

In the company, we try to do our best to fulfill the orders and answer your questions. We recommend checking your dive photo gear occasionally, charge the TURTLE unit, and turn it off if you don't use it for a longer period. If you haven't installed the latest Mac App for the TURTLE, it's time to do that. 

Well before your next dive trip, we recommend assembling your underwater photo gear, check the batteries, the o-rings, the cables. If you plan to buy a new setup and you would need a TURTLE SMART of MANUAL trigger, have a look in the webshop.

Hopefully, in the next few months, we can share more and more photos and we can't wait to see your newest underwater pics!

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