Dives before the lockdown

Some photos that we took just before the travel restrictions.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our everyday life has changed. We have to work from home. We needed to reschedule our travel plans. We try to do our best in our company but we know many of you have to stay home too, so buying a new piece of equipment for the underwater photo gear isn't the most important nowadays.

We miss diving, we miss the underwater adventures. We decided to share some photos we shot just before the lockdown, in pools, local lakes and in Thailand. Certainly, we used our own underwater setups, Sony and Nikon cameras, Ikelite and Sea&Sea strobes- and the TURTLE triggers.

Now we have plenty of time to browse our photos. And we sure as soon as it will be possible we will go underwater again to make some new photos! Stay safe, and hopefully this situation ends soon. We can't wait to see your shots too!

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