i-TURTLE 2 SMART install to ISOTTA housing.

Nikon Z8

Recently, a customer approached us inquiring whether we could provide a TTL trigger for their new Nikon Z8 camera, one that also supports High-Speed Sync (HSS) functions. The answer was, of course, yes, as we were quite impressed with the new Z8 and had extensively worked with it. We developed TTL characteristics for IKELITE DS160/230, Inon 240/330, Sea and Sea D2J, D3, Retra pro-X, Retra pro MAX, Seaflash 160D, and Seaflash 60D. The new TURTLE 2 SMART is an excellent choice. Our testing was conducted in MARELUX and Nauticam housings. However, our customer has an ISOTTA housing, with which we had no prior experience. They assisted us by sending a 3D STL file, which, with slight modifications, we adapted to accommodate the 5 mm replaceable LED. We would like to express our gratitude to Jos Broere for his collaboration. The new adapter is available among our products, and for those who prefer to 3D print it themselves, the necessary file can be downloaded from here.


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