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Introducing the new TURTLE 2 SMART models.

What's behind a new logo? We happily shared the fancy, pretty, and cheerful new design of the TURTLE logo a few days ago. But don't think the change is only about how the TTL converters look. There are so much more new features- and from now on you can buy the new TURTLE 2 SMART models!

We know the capabilities of our products. Even the very first generation of our converters worked well, and we know photographers, who use them for years. Certainly, we continuously tried to make them better. The introduction of the SMART converters was a happy moment for us, and whenever we added a new strobe to the list or tested with a new camera, we felt the TURTLE can be a solution for more and more photographers.

A few months ago we started a new project. We talked about new ideas: how can we make the TURTLE converters even better? New features? Modifications in the software? Some changes in the design, to make it more durable? We talked a lot, we worked a lot, and we tested a lot. And as we felt this is not a slightly modified product, but a complete redesign, we started to think about a new look as well. We are proud of our past- and we prepare to market the best converter in underwater photography! We felt we needed something that represents our company's future.

We started to work as a team. Most of our customers know Balázs, the man behind the TURTLE, who always tries to improve the product: because he is a passionate underwater photographer, so he knows what you need. Rudolf is a member of the TURTLE team for years: he is the first one who hears about new developments, and often he is the first one to test the products during his trips- as he always travels with underwater camera gear. Our friend, Csaba is the visual arts and designer guru- and one of the first TURTLE users, as he is a passionate underwater photographer too, with plenty of awards. He designed the original TURTLE logo, and now we asked him again to help us.

The first sign of the last few months' hard work was the new logo design, which we proudly shared. And now we can announce the brand new TURTLE 2 SMART models: the s-TURTLE 2 for Sony cameras and the i-TURTLE 2 for Nikon mirrorless cameras. Certainly, the new models wear the new logo. There is a new, easy-to-use software to check and set up your TURTLE. For example, you can check the battery level!

The s-TURTLE 2 has a new feature, it can work with Hi+ continuous shooting mode with Sony A1, A7 IV, and A7 V camera models. The new i-TURTLE 2 works only with the new mirrorless Nikon cameras, and this trigger got a new, more durable metal hot shoe.

Would you like to know more about the new TURTLE 2 models? You can find them in our webshop, and you can order yours now!

TURTLE SMART triggers in the TRT.-Electronics webshop

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