Maldivian adventures

Encounters above and under the water- what a cruise we had!

We all know nowadays it's more difficult to organize a dive trip. Luckily there are some world-class destinations where we are allowed to enter and the Maldives are one of them. These waters are famous for their encounters with pelagic animals. We can tell you, after a week-long liveaboard trip, all the tales are true!

For example, we saw plenty of manta rays, dozens of stingrays, different reef sharks. We even saw a hammerhead shark at the entrance of the port near Male! Morays, turtles, clownfish, and many critters. And once we had to leave behind the manta rays at the cleaning station because just below us a mighty whale shark appeared!

We took a lot of photos. We had brought our usual underwater setups (Sony A7R3 camera with Sea & Sea YS-D3 strobes and Nikon D7100 with Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes), and the TTL came in handy when we had faster subjects.

Certainly, we always notice when other underwater photographers are on the boat. This time we shared the boat with a cheerful Spanish group, and we made some new friends. One of the Spanish guys, Estanis, opened his housing and we saw a very familiar piece of photo equipment: a TURTLE trigger! So by chance, we met a satisfied user of our product. Estanis shared his photos with us, and we are happy to recommend checking out his Instagram profile. He took some great photos during this trip. Maybe next time we'll meet another TURTLE user somewhere around the globe!

We would like to show some of the photos we took too. You can visit our Instagram profile if you'd like to see more photos from us!


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