New cameras, new challenges

Whenever we hear about a new, exciting camera model, we try to test it with our trigger.

It's hard to keep up with the continuously evolving world of underwater photography. There are newer and newer camera models- some of them bring really exciting features, some of them only a new model in a family, and there are some real game-changers.

In the last few years, we saw that mirrorless cameras became more and more popular. We saw as some manufacturers' market share increased significantly. We saw as the underwater photographers wanted new, faster, smarter cameras but possibly in a smaller size. 

We try to test at least those new models which could be interesting for underwater photographers because the housing manufacturers offer housings for them. We're sure you're not surprised to read that we are particularly interested in the new Sony and Nikon photo camera models, as the triggers for those are our most popular products. 

Sometimes we are invited to presentations of new products. Certainly, we use to take a TURTLE TTL converter to make at least a try: does the camera recognize it? But to be sure if we need any fine-tuning in the software, we need more time. So if you have the newest camera model, please ask us, if we already tested it with the trigger- we can't say honestly if it will work until we did a thorough test.

In the future, we plan to test the TURTLE triggers with some new Sony camera models, like the Sony A7 IV. If it works flawlessly, we will modify the product description of the specific trigger. Please, before ordering from the TRT-Electronics webshop, check if your camera is tested and compatible with the trigger!

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