New price list

Due to the increasing costs, we had to revise the prices of our products.

As you know, all electronics manufacturers face similar problems nowadays. The increasing price of parts, shipping, energy, and fuel, and the lack of supply are challenges for us too. Now we are working hard on the supply of parts because we really want to avoid a situation where we aren't able to complete orders immediately. To maintain the quality we invested in a new manufacturing process, and we worked a lot to improve customer service. We felt we needed to do this to offer good products for competitive prices. 

We haven't raised the price of our products, the TURTLE TTL-converters, and Manual triggers for a while, but recently we decided to revise our price list. We increase the price of the units by about 10 percent. We published our new retail prices on our website on the 15th of July, you can check them on TRT-Electronics webshop.

Thank you for being our customer, and hopefully, you'll understand our reasons!


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