New Seacam strobes in the TURTLE Loader

From now on you control the Seacam 160D and 60D strobes in TTL mode with your TURTLE SMART triggers.

In the last six months, we worked a lot to develop the now TURTLE 2 SMART triggers, to ensure the new features would work flawlessly and the quality would be even better. After introducing the new SMART converters now we were able to test new strobes which you can control with your triggers.

We recently got two strobes from one of our European partners, Fotosub, to test them and add their controlling characteristics to the TURTLE SMART software. We had the chance to try the Seacam Seaflash 160D and 60D strobes- thanks for the possibility!

While the 60D is not that powerful, we really liked this compact strobe, which works perfectly either via fiber-optic or by sync-cord control, with any of the TURTLE SMART triggers- not only the newer SMART 2, but also the original SMART is capable of controlling it (Nikon, Sony, and Olympus versions). You can download the new Loader software for PC now from our website, and in a few weeks, you also will find the new software version for Mac in the AppStore.

If you want to use your Seacam strobes first you need them set up properly.

To control the 60D via fiber-optic cables, follow these steps.

1. Turn on the strobe and wait until the zero sign appears on the display
2. Rotate the selector button into 'MODE'
3. Rotate back the selector button into '16' 
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, so first rotate the selector into 'MODE', then '16'
5. Rotate the selector button into '2', so there will be no flash compensation 

1.                                       2.                                      3.                                      4.


After this, the system will work in TTL mode, as it can be controlled by the signals of the TURTLE trigger.

If you want to know more about these strobes, check this video on YouTube::

If you want to use the more powerful Seacam 160D strobes in TTL mode, you need to connect them by sync cords.

The 160D's characteristic is already included in the Loader software for PC, and in a few weeks, you will find the new software version for Mac in the AppStore.

Now we are working on a special internal PCB which would allow connecting two S6 bulkheads to the TURTLE trigger, so it would be possible to control two 160D strobes by ordinary sync cords in slave mode. 
In this case, both strobes should be set up as slaves, and this lets the trigger control them by digital signals in TTL mode. If there will be a reliable TTL control method for these strobes via fiber-optic cables, we will announce it in the blog and the product descriptions.

To control these Seacam strobes, download the proper Loader software to your TURTLE SMART trigger for PC from our webshop, and you will find them in the AppStore for Mac soon.


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