Setting up the Backscatter MF-2 strobe for HSS

If you want to use HSS in Manual mode with your TURTLE SMART trigger, follow these steps.

Important: before you set up your trigger, always check for the latest TURTLE Loader software version on our website. If you are not sure, download it from the page of your specific trigger and install it.


If you use an Olympus or Panasonic camera model with o-TURTLE SMART Trigger, in the setup software choose Backscatter MF-2 from the strobes' list, and download it to your trigger. In this case, the system allows using only Manual mode in the camera's menu.
You can choose between the first and second curtain, but there won't be a pre-flash.


If you use Sony a system, to set up your s-TURTLE SMART trigger you should check these settings to turn on the Backscatter MF-2 strobe's HSS feature. 
The first step is choosing the Backscatter MF-2 strobe model from the list.
Then you need to choose WL-mode, 1st curtain. In the next step, you need to set the manual power level to 1/16.
Now you can download this setup to your trigger, and you can use the MF-2 in HSS mode.
In the camera, choose Wireless (WL) mode in the external flash menu, because in this case, the trigger won't use pre-flash. If you forget to turn on this mode, the HSS feature won't work!
If you want to use the MF-2 strobe in Manual mode (no HSS, but you can set a faster shutter speed and change between the first and second curtain), simply turn off the Wireless (WL) mode.


If you use a Nikon system, run the Loader software of your i-TURTLE SMART or SMART 2 trigger, and select Backscatter MF-2 strobe.
The DSLR or MILC setting doesn't have any impact, you can simply choose the one for your camera model.
In the next step choose the MANUAL mode in the manual mode setup. Now you can download the setup to your trigger.

To use the strobe properly, you need to set up your camera: the external strobe's control should be in manual mode.
You can do this if you follow these steps:

1.    Turn on the FP mode
2.    External flash setting up to MANUAL mode 
3.    Set up the Manual mode's power level to 1/32


Canon e-TURTLE triggers

The HSS feature is not available with Canon systems yet. 

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