Sony A6000, SeaFrogs housing, TURTLE TTL

We had the chance to try a budget-priced setup.

The Sony A6000 series are quite popular nowadays. These small mirrorless cameras offer nice quality and versatility. We know many underwater photographers bought a camera from this series and they tried to find affordable housing for them.

Whenever someone asks about a specific housing, we always try to get information, but we have to confess, we don't have all manufacturers' all models to test. So it's always nice to borrow one which we haven't ever used before.

The SeaFrogs' budget-priced housings recently became more popular. But until we couldn't test it, it was impossible to say if the TURTLE would fit inside. We knew the Sony A6000 works flawlessly with the s-TURTLE SMART but if you can't place it inside the housing, this information won't make you happy.

Well, we happily saw the TURTLE just fits perfectly inside the SeaFrogs Salted Line housing, we needed to remove only a small part. After that, we connected the Inon Z330 strobes by fiber optic cable. The setup worked flawlessly in TTL mode.

If you have this kind of SeaFrogs Salted Line housing and a Sony A6xxx series camera, and you need a reliable TTL trigger we recommend you the s-TURTLE SMART. If you are new to underwater photography, you can choose our new bundle offer, an s-TURTLE SMART trigger with 2 fiber optic cables!

TURTLE SMART TTL triggers in the webshop

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