Special package for UW photographers

If you need a TURTLE SMART trigger and reliable fiber optic cables, check out our offers!

After testing dozens of cameras, strobes, fiber optic cables we realized sometimes a simple upgrade of your underwater photo gear can solve the problems. There is a huge difference between the different optical cables and sometimes it's enough replacing them to achieve satisfying results. 

Certainly, the strobes aren't the same as well, and to improve the TURTLE SMART we add new, brighter LEDs to them. But your fiber optic cables still can cause a lot of headaches so we decided to offer you a special package: buy a TURTLE SMART trigger with the new LED panel, and you can have a pair of high-quality fiber optic cables too! Hopefully, the price of this bundle will be appealing for you.

In the webshop, you can find the TURTLE SMART triggers for all cameras, but now you can choose a package with the fiber optic cables added for every camera model. We hope this bundle will be an affordable solution for the underwater photographers who want to build a reliable setup to use TTL! 

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