The depths of the Adriatic Sea

The long-awaited dive trip this summer was an awesome experience.

A year ago we didn't expect the pandemic would affect our travel plans in 2021. We only hope the vaccination will help someday, but until then we started looking for nearby diving and travel destinations again.

We spent a week in Croatia. If you ask us, did we have any chance for taking some photos underwater during a family holiday, well, hopefully, the pictures below will prove we had.

As usual, we took different camera models (Sony and Nikon), lenses, and strobes (Retra, Backscatter, Sea&Sea), and certainly, we brought our TURTLE triggers as well. Octopus and catshark eggs, shipwreck, and nudibranch- we found interesting subjects.

We were particularly satisfied with Backscatter Miniflash strobe's performance and liked how the Retra Pro worked in HSS mode. Whenever we browse these photos we feel we should go back to the Adriatic as soon as possible!

Photos by Rudolf Gonda and Balazs Kurucz

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