The evolution of TURTLE triggers

The difference between the different trigger versions.

Underwater photography is a continuously changing industry. There are new camera models, new underwater housings, new underwater strobes to choose from. We needed to develop better triggers because we wanted to make one for those photographers who wanted a reliable solution to control their strobes. Some of them were interested in underwater TTL solutions. Our company isn't too old but we already manufactured several TURTLE generations because we always felt we could design better ones. 

In the beginning, there were only TURTLE for Nikon and Canon versions. Those underwater flash triggers were slightly bigger. They worked properly, but we felt there is room for improvement. 

So we developed smaller triggers, we introduced USB charging sockets. We were the first manufacturer who offered easy to use TTL triggers for Sony and Olympus mirrorless cameras.

We developed the Mobie versions for the smaller housings, and later we introduced the new, molded box.

The most important development was the introduction of TURTLE SMART line. These flash triggers not only look better but the owners can setup them via the USB socket. It means you don't need to buy a new trigger when there is a new underwater strobe on the market. It's easy to recognize this model because there is the SMART word on the box.

We know, the many generations can be a little bit confusing. But as even the older TURTLE flash trigger models work properly, it isn't necessary to buy a new one if you are satisfied with them. We only wanted to make clear there are differences between the triggers, so whenever you get a TURTLE trigger (a new or a used one), check its type. If you are not sure which older model do you have, how to setup or charge it, just contact us! If you want to learn more about the latest models, just check out the Trt-Electronics TURTLE webshop!


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