The HSS and the underwater photography

Sometimes the High-Speed Sync mode can be handy for underwater photographers.

You're underwater with your diving photography equipment. You're close to the water's surface at midday, the sun is shining brightly. You try different settings, but the task is challenging. Is there a way to use strobe in these conditions?

There is one good option: using HSS (High-Speed Sync) mode. The Retra Pro underwater strobe is capable of operating in this mode, and the TURTLE triggers can control it at very high shutter speeds.

As an example, we show you this shot taken in a shallow freshwater pond recently with a Sony A7R2 camera and Retra Pro strobes, controlled by an s-TURTLE SMART trigger of course.

We think the result is pretty convincing, isn't it?

Settings: ISO160 1/2000  F10  s-TURTLE SMART in WL mode with Retra PRO underwater strobe in HSS mode

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