The new TURTLE MANUAL trigger family

If you prefer manual triggers, we got some great news for you!

We designed the TURTLE triggers to offer a reliable TTL converter for underwater photographers. It took a lot of time until we finished the state-of-the-art TURTLE SMART triggers which not only TTL capable, but they can be updated by the user. 

However, we know there are some guys out there who prefer the manual triggers. It may seem odd that we made the manual triggers later than the TTL converters, but we had so much work with the SMART models so we delayed the Manual trigger project.

From now on, it's your choice what kind of TURTLE trigger you prefer: the SMART TTL or the affordable MANUAL? There are many similarities between them: their size is the same, you can charge them via a USB socket, they work via fiber optic cables or sync-cord. The important features for the underwater photographers are similar too: you can choose 1st or 2nd curtain, and they offer High-Speed Sync flash with the appropriate strobe (Retra Pro). They are reliable and can take hundreds of shots without charging. We offer both the SMART and the MANUAL triggers for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and Panasonic cameras, and we tested all of them with several strobes (Sea&Sea, Inon, Retra, Subtronic, Ikelite, etc. models). 

The main difference is the TTL capability. You can't update the Manual triggers because you don't need to do that. But anyway they are easy to use, easy to set up triggers which will help you take great photos underwater! And their price starts from only 249 euros (VAT included)!

Would you like to know more about the Manual Foursome? Check out our webshop!

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