The Retra Pro X and the TURTLE

From now on you can control the newest Retra underwater strobe with our triggers.

As you may know, they recently introduced the Retra Flash Pro X underwater strobe which is an improved version of the popular earlier model. The new Pro X is capable of working in HSS mode as its predecessor does, but with the improved TTL accuracy, the redesigned optical sensing module, the faster recycle times the new strobe can be appealing.

Certainly, we felt we needed to test the new Retra Flash Pro X as some underwater photographers who use our TURTLE triggers asked about it. We finished the new software, so from now on you can download the new TURTLE loader for your TURTLE SMART (Nikon, Sony, Olympus versions) from our website if you need the PC version and find it in the AppStore if you would like to use it with MAC.  You can control the new Pro X underwater strobe in TTL or HSS mode with the TURTLE SMART for Nikon, Sony, and Olympus converters. And don't forget, the Retra Pro X can be controlled with the TURTLE MANUAL triggers too.

The TURTLE SMART triggers in our webshop


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