The TURTLE SMART and the YS-D3

You can download the latest, updated software if you have the new Sea&Sea YS-D3 strobe.

As you know, we designed the TURTLE SMART TTL converter to make possible the updating by the customer if whenever we add a new strobe to the list of compatible models. If you have a TURTLE SMART underwater LED trigger and you recently bought or plan to buy a Sea&Sea YS-D3, we have great news for you!

Now you can download the new, updated TURTLE loader for the i-TURTLE for Nikon, the s-TURTLE for Sony and the o-TURTLE for Olympus/Panasonic which include the YS-D3 underwater strobe. You can download it from the products' page in the webshop.

As always, we suggest using high-quality multicore fiber optic cables to get the best results. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

The TURTLE SMART triggers in the webshop

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