The TURTLE SMART Loader MAC version available on the the App store

You can download the newest Loader for Mac version.

2020 is a strange year. Although we can't travel as much as we like, we really hope next year we can dive a lot. There are a lot of TURTLE users out there and we try to develop new features they like, for example, the HSS mode. Hopefully, you will enjoy these features when you go on your next underwater photography trip.

We haven't forgotten about the support as well! Many of you use Macintosh and we realized we need to develop a new version of the Loader software which you can run easily. We finished it and now you can download this new version from our website, the Loader is available on the specific product pages of the webshop. We recommend updating your existing TURTLE Loader for Mac!

You can find the software in the App Store as well. If you prefer downloading it from there, there are all versions, for the Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Olympus TURTLE SMART triggers.

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