The winning shot

The story of an award winning photo taken in the World Championship of Underwater Photography.

A few days ago we heard the great news: our fellow Hungarian underwater photographer friend, Ferenc Lőrincz won the wide-angle category of the 18th CMAS World Championship of Underwater Photography in Porto Santo, Portugal. We know each other for many years, and as Ferenc used an underwater setup powered by a TURTLE SMART trigger we asked him to tell us about the contest.


He started diving in 2007, and he is a keen underwater photographer for a decade. First, he bought a compact camera, but he uses different Nikon DSLR cameras for a while. To the World Championship, he brought his Nikon D800 in Subal housing, with his proven Ikelite strobes connected by sync-cords to the trigger. Before the great event, we inspected his setup which has an i-TURTLE SMART TTL converter to control the strobes to ensure everything would work flawlessly either in TTL or Manual mode.


As many of you know, our very first TURTLE trigger was designed for Nikon DSLR cameras, and amongst the first compatible underwater strobes, there were the well-known Ikelite models. The i-TURTLE is a proven and reliable TTL converter and we were sure this camera and strobe setup would work just perfectly. Feri told us about the dives in the contest, and we realized he didn't have any time to solve any technical issues underwater.

The teams (Hungary was represented by Ferenc Lőrincz and his underwater model, Yvette Takár) had the chance to visit the specific dive sites before the actual contest. There was a wreck as a wide-angle subject, and Feri found the perfect spot to make a great shot. He chose an 8-15mm fisheye lens for the wide-angle dive. On the day of the contest, he and his buddy, Yvette decided to descend as fast as they could to the chosen spot at 30 meters depth. There was a curious grouper who acted as their model. Feri prepared, took two shots- and then the other divers arrived around the wreck. It was his only chance to take the photo he wanted. There weren't any moments to waste!

As for post-processing, any adjustments weren't allowed after the dives. It was important to take a correctly exposed shot. With the sun above the wreck and a moving subject, the big fish, the TTL mode was more than useful. They nominated one of the photos with the grouper in front of the wreck to the wide-angle category, and the jury led by Renee Capozzola awarded the gold medal to the Hungarian team. He also had a photo in the top 6 in the Theme category with a macro shot. To the macro dives, he used the same camera, strobes, and trigger with a 105mm macro lens.

Congratulations to Ferenc Lőrincz and Yvette Takár for the gold medal! We are really happy to hear about the great results of photographers who use our products. We know they take the shots, it's their success, but we are satisfied too because we try to design and manufacture an important piece of equipment for them, so they can concentrate only on taking exciting underwater photos.

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