Trigger for the Sony cameras - Tested with an a7C

If you want to use a Sony camera underwater, you can choose either our TTL or Manual trigger, but we have a few suggestions.

Recently we tested the new Sony Alpha 7C camera with the S-TURTLE trigger, and we decided to write some hints about the settings of all SONY cameras to get the perfect results while shooting underwater.  The Sony a7C is a small but powerful full-frame, compact size camera and it can be a good choice for underwater photographers. We wanted to find out how it works with our proven S-TURTLE SMART TTL trigger.

The rear sync and the HSS mode are also available with Sony a7C.


The setup worked flawlessly, so we can recommend using our converter with the Sony a7C.

If your TURTLE does not work as well as you would like it, please check these settings in the camera menu. Sometimes special settings cause problems when using a trigger, so the first step of the troubleshooting should be the reset to the factory defaults.

On the photos below you can see which settings could make trouble if they are set ON in your camera.
To get the perfect results in TTL mode, please set OFF these two settings:


If you would like to use TTL please turn OFF the wireless mode. If you don't turn it OFF, the TURTLE gives only one trigger signal to the strobe which will work in manual mode. The wireless (WL) mode is used exclusively to shoot in HSS mode with the Retra underwater strobes.

We hope these simple suggestions will help you to avoid troubles while you take your first shots with your Sony camera and TURTLE trigger underwater, and you can make perfectly exposed photos as soon as you mount the converter!

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