Triggers for Canon EOS R mirrorless cameras

We offer a solution for those who need a reliable trigger for their Canon ESO R-system cameras.

As you know, we always try to test the newest camera models to ensure you can use your TURTLE SMART TTL converters or TURTLE MANUAL triggers with them. All manufacturers use different kinds of strobe controls, and sometimes it's simply too challenging to develop new software for TTL control.

The Canon EOS R-series full-frame mirrorless models, like the EOS RP or EOS R5, are fine cameras and some underwater photographers started using them. But as they have a really unique pre-flash solution it's not possible to make a reliable and accurate underwater TTL control software for them. So in the future, we don't plan to develop TTL converters for Canon cameras because of their special strobe control method.

However, we tested several models of the EOS-R full frame mirrorless series and we found out these cameras work perfectly with our e-TURTLE MANUAL triggers. We suggest using this trigger with your Canon EOS R-series camera, which lets you control the power level, or choose between 1st or 2nd curtain. 

You can find the e-TURTLE MANUAL trigger for Canon camera models in our webshop.

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