New TURTLE Video tutorials

We would like to share a few videos to help our customers.

We know as a TURTLE user you're interested in special settings, new features or installing instructions. We try to share more and more information to help you.

There are two possibilities. It's important to give detailed instructions in the setup software, and we added these to help the setting up. 

We also can make some tutorial videos that are short and easy to follow. We are happy to share some of the new videos which hopefully help everybody who uses TURTLE triggers.

1. In the first video, you can see what is the best way to install the LEDs which have adhesive tapes into the housing.

2.  A step-by-step tutorial video to help set up the TURTLE converter.

3. A special feature for the experts: using the Stroboscope mode with your TURTLE trigger

Hopefully, you'll find useful these videos. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions about possible other video tutorials, please, contact us!

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