We should go diving!

All of us are tired of the pandemic news, so it`s time to plan new underwater adventures.

Nearly two years passed since we heard about the COVID-19 for the first time. I think many of us thought in a few months we would forget it. But it's still with us, and we are living in a world of PCR tests, masks, and vaccine certifications. 

But more and more countries decide to open their borders and let the tourists travel. Some of the popular dive destinations like Mexico, Egypt, and the Maldives were opened a year ago, and now many of their dive centers and liveaboard boats are fully booked for the winter. 

It was just a matter of time to realize the other destinations they needed the income from the tourism desperately. Hopefully, there would be easy-to-follow entry rules which allow us to visit more of our favorite dive sites. We can't wait for this!

In the world of underwater photography, we didn't see too many groundbreaking changes. There are several new camera models, and some of them are really great choices for using underwater. There are new housings, certainly, and some strobes were updated. We try to get the new cameras and strobes to make sure your TURTLE SMART will work perfectly even with the newest models.

If you haven't dived for a while, we recommend checking your dive gear, underwater photo setup. Maybe it's useful to go for a dive in a local dive site or pool. Take your underwater camera gear too, to check if it's working flawlessly!

If you ask us, what is our recommendation, where should an underwater photographer journey, it's not easy to answer. For big animals, you can choose the Maldives. For a great liveaboard experience, the Maldives and Egypt are still world-class destinations. The latter is perfect for wreck photography. And don't forget the wonderful dive sites like the cenotes in Mexico!

But any destination you want to visit, don't forget to choose a good insurance plan as well which covers the COVID-related problems (with Medical and Cancellation Coverage). We have to adjust our plans and preparations to the actual pandemic situation. Most of us don't want to postpone the upcoming dive trip- just try to prepare even more thoroughly. 

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