Why you should use multicore fiber optic cables?

Soon you can order high-quality fiber optic cables in our webshop!

We have a ton of experience with different fiber optic cables. We tested the products of many manufacturers. 

Our main goal was to measure the fiber loss. It does matter as the LED's light is not as powerful as a strobe's. Because there are different sensors in the different underwater strobes, we wanted to be sure our TURTLE triggers work perfectly with different kind of fiber optic cables.

The default LED of the TURTLE SMART products is a 100 cd LED. This is powerful enough to control even those strobes which have lower sensibility sensors but only if you use it with multicore fiber optic cables. There are many cheaper single-core cables but their fiber loss is too much, so they work only with the strobes that have high sensibility sensors.

To show the difference we built a measuring instrument. You can see the loss much more in a single core fiber optic cable.


Single Core cable.                                            Multicore cable

Another reason to choose multicore cables is durability. If a single core cable is a broken, the loss is even more, while the multicore cables work better after slight damage. That means it is more resistant to bending.


Single core cable.                                               Multicore cable


So we would like to find affordable and reliable fiber optic cables which we can recommend to our customers. In the near future you can order a high-quality multicore fiber optic cable from our webshop which consists of more than 600 fine fibers. You can choose between Inon or Sea&Sea connectors.


We tested these cables with the following strobes:
Inon models
Sea&Sea D2J, D2, D1
Retra Pro 
Subtronic models
One UW
Ikelite DS 125/160 (with optic converter)

We plan to add the new cables to our webshop next month.

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