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o-TURTLE 2 MANUAL trigger with 99 cd reversible ledpanels.

o-TURTLE 2 MANUAL trigger with 99 cd reversible ledpanels.

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A reliable Manual trigger for underwater photographers that works via fiber optic cable or sync cord.

o-TURTLE 2 MANUAL underwater photo trigger for Olympus and Panasonic camera models

This Manual trigger was developed for Olympus and Panasonic MILC camera systems. The o-TURTLE 2 MANUAL underwater flash trigger is the perfect choice for the demanding underwater photographer who needs an easy to use, affordable, and reliable trigger that works with the most popular underwater strobes 

  • 1st or 2nd curtain, HSS mode (Over the selected limit shutter speed the TURTLE
    switch to HSS mode  automatically).
  • The Internal charging system works via a USB AB connector.
  • Battery checking and LED power set via USB 
  • Durable metal hotshoe


Why did we develop the HSS switching limit setup in the o-TURTLE 2 manual trigger? 

Because any different cameras has different flash syncronization.  

For example some cameras have 1/160 max normal flash sync and the camera limits the shutter speed at this point. But in some case the limit is 1/250 and we give the customer the possibilities to setup this point in the TURTLE where the system switches to HSS automatically and you can use the strobes (Backscatter or MF-2 for example) in HSS mode and enjoy this function.

Why do you have to setup the LED level?

If you would like to adjust the energy consuption of TURTLE and power of LED just setup the perfect level of the lighting and enjoy the long dive.  
If you use multicore cable we suggest the 1/128 or 1/64 power but if you have single core cable please setup FULL or 1/2 level.

Compatible camera models are the Olympus and Panasonic Mirrorless cameras.

The o-TURTLE 2 MANUAL is a user-friendly trigger: you simply connect the LED or the sync cord connector and you can take hundreds of shots without charging. The TURTLE MANUAL triggers fit into the most popular underwater housings (tested with Nauticam, Subal, Hugyfot, Isotta, Ikelite, Seacam, Saltedline models).

The package contains:

  • o-TURTLE 2 MANUAL trigger for Olympus/Panasonic cameras
  • Reversible LED panel 
  • USB Charging cable.

If you want to connect your strobe via fiber optic cable we recommend using multicore cable! 

The setup software for PC is downloadable from our website: you can find it on the right side of the page. 
Mac version will available soon in APPstore.