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Buying conditions, warranty, returns - where can I find information about these topics?

Can I buy a TTL-trigger for my Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, etc. camera?

Does the TURTLE really work via sync cord or fiber optic cable?

Does the TURTLE work in HSS mode?

Does the TURTLE work with any underwater housing?

How should I connect the TURTLE to my connectors (bulkheads)?

How should I know if the TURTLE works properly?

How the TURTLE is made?

How to install the TURTLE trigger?

I have a Nikon camera. Which TURTLE TTL converter should I choose?

I noticed sometimes the result is a less-than-optimal image, what can I do?

Nikon TTL/ MANUAL switching during the dive

What can i do if the setup program can not connect?

What is the TURTLE?

What`s the difference between the TURTLE SMART and MANUAL triggers?

Which underwater strobes are compatible with the TURTLE?

Why do you make possible updating of the TURTLE SMART by the customer?

Will the TURTLE fit in my housing?

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