The year of our company

Let`s see what happened to the TURTLE Triggers in 2020!

Well, we don't need to tell too much about this troubled year. We didn't have the chance to dive as much as we wanted and we only hope we can travel a lot next year. We know many companies in the diving industry have serious issues. Support them, if you can travel, choose the local operators and enjoy their services!

It may seem we didn't have too much to do this year as the proven, reliable TURTLE SMART underwater LED triggers didn't change at all. But we always find a way to make our product line better. So there were important new additions:
- We introduced the easy-to-use, affordable TURTLE MANUAL triggers, which offer the same main features for the underwater photographers like 1st and 2nd curtain, HSS mode.
- We add a USB cable to the triggers.
- We add new, brighter LEDs as well.
- We implemented an advanced manufacturing technology.

We haven't forgotten about our existing customers. If they purchased a TURTLE SMART back in the day, there was news for them as well:
- We introduced a new TURTLE LOADER for MAC version which you can download from our website or the App Store.
- We added new underwater strobes which they can use with the TURTLE SMART: the Sea&Sea YS-D3, the OneUW, the Isotta RED64, and the customers can easily update their triggers on their own.
- They can use the Retra Pro underwater strobe in HSS mode.

If you already own a TURTLE trigger or just plan to buy one, it's worth visiting our website because we always think about new features to make the underwater photographers even more satisfied! 

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